About the artist

Sai Kijima was born in Japan and studied in Tokyo Noguchi-Taiso with the professor of the National University of Arts Michizo Noguchi and he continued his education with the New York Actors Studio method by Zen Hirano. He worked as an actor in theatre, movies, and television.

At the age of 27, he comes to Europe and settles in Paris, where he continues his studies in the theatrical school Ecole Jacques Lecoq. It is there, that he started experimenting with street theatre forms. For the last 35 years, he has been training in the art of Aikido, studying the Philosophy of Zen, and exploring the emotional and vocal potential of the human being through improvisation. During this time, he paints and creates dolls from wood and daily life materials. His work has been exhibited in various European galleries and museums as well as in his home country.

Based in Switzerland, Sai travels the world to showcase his art and conduct seminars, performances, and concerts. He has even worked with psychotherapists to help children with Down Syndrome improve their physical condition using traditional Japanese therapeutic massage.

Sai’s extensive knowledge and experimentation have led him to develop a unique movement method called Kalado.

 By tuning with gravity, Kalado helps individuals connect with their deep inner self and discover their body’s full potential. Kalado is a natural process that does not require extra abilities or talent. Each one of us can find our own path through the awareness of our body’s potential. There are always limits to what our body can achieve and through them, we discover our personal space.