"In Kalado there is only one exercise which is …stop exercise." Sai Kijima

“Kalado is a unique movement method that helps individuals connect with their inner selves by tuning in to their weight and the power of gravity.

By trusting in gravity and mass, we can let go of unnecessary resistance and unlock our body’s full potential.

Through movements that start from the sacrum, Kalado opens up the body and calms the muscles, breathing, and thoughts.

By embracing our personal limits, we discover our own time and space dimensions and redefine our relationship with the world around us.

KALADO offers a new quality of movement that harmonizes the body with the earth and sky. It helps us become more present, soft, calm, open, and awakened.

Join this journey of self-discovery and unlock your body’s potential with Kalado.”

Sai introduces you to his Dolls

Sai Kijima’s expositions and vernissage are special events where you can get introduced personally to his Dolls. He brings them to life, animating and giving them the gift of speech. You will always remember the Dolls you meet at such events.

Sai sings Japanese songs for you!

On your birthday or name day, an official ceremony or a casual gathering, an occasion in school or at the hospital, Sai Kijima can be there to sing for you, encourage you, empower you and make you light and joyful.

Kalado Private Lessons

Sai Kijima can offer to you private Kalado lessons in Basel, Switzerland.

If you’re interested in experiencing and learning Kalado with Sai, please message him to schedule your Kalado plan.

Voice Training in the Swimming Pool

Sai Kijima invites you to attend special voice training in the swimming pool.

You can experience, enjoy and train your voice under the water through his guidance.

If you’re interested in schedule a training in Basel (CH), do not hesitate to contact Sai.